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Picture Perfect - Gavin and Kendra Get Hitched Hollywood Style

Okay, so we might go on about him a bit – but we make no apologies – our photographer is f***ing awesome. Edgy, alternative, exciting and fun, his unique style of photography really IS one-of-a-kind. Self-proclaimed coffee drinker and gin lover, Avi is loud, direct, to-the-point and says it as it is. He will be the first to admit he is not everyone’s cup of tea – but see beyond the swearing, insults and all-to-freely-given opinions, and you will discover sheer genius.

Give him an idea and free reign to go with it and you will be rewarded with jaw-dropping pictures that deliver on every level: yes, they will please aesthetically, but they will do so much more - there is a depth to each picture taken - a story tell, emotions to share and different layers to peel away.

Take, for example our promo pic. We can take no credit – all we said was “give us something different that says: f*** you to the rules”, and that was it – the genius started to roll. Details were important: the flowers needed to be dried; a tattoo sleeve was a must, as was the bottle of Jack Daniels (no, a cheaper version was not okay). But hey, we’re not complaining - it does everything we wanted our show image to do: it grabs attention, it shocks, it sticks two fingers up to tradition and unspoken wedding rules and screams – do your own thing and have fun. Best of all, it gets you talking.

So, when Avi told us about an impromptu photo session with a bride and groom on the day of their wedding at newly built Empire Cinema in Ipswich, we couldn’t wait to see the pics and share them with you.

Having visited Empire in the revamped Buttermarket Shopping centre with his family, Avi fell in love. It was, to use his very words: “sexy” and “cool as hell”. When his wife shared his enthusiasm and excitement, Avi knew he was on to a winner.

Cue Gavin and Kendra. They got married in Autumn 2017. Despite a tight budget, they were not going to compromise on photography – if money was going to be spent anywhere, this was it. Their venue: Stowmarket Registry Office – nothing wrong with that – great location, attractive building with stylish interior, but, to deliver some top-knotch photos, Avi needed somewhere that delivered a bit of edge. Together they decided the Empire Cinema was it. Would it work? Would they get permission? With Avi, pretty much anything is possible….

Group photos done, Avi, bride and groom snuck off down the road. Yes, it was during the day, yes, films were showing, yes, members of the public were present – did this deter – absolutely not. Having cleared it with management (who were all too happy to let the genius of AKExpressions loose in their newly built Cinema – in exchange for a couple of images showing what a date night could lead to …), Avi had free reign and no restrictions……

Watch the magic unfold ….