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Down the Rabbit Hole: Hockwold Hall Captures the Victorian Wedding

Walking into the venue for the Victorian inspired wedding shoot set at Hockwold Hall is to quite literally fall into the rabbit role of the Victorian mystic. The estate, dating back to the 15th century, resonates a timeless elegance and nostalgic mysticism that seems to invite the Victorian clad models into its haunts. Passing through the glossed arches of the main entry hall the viewer is presented with a site that the likes of Lewis Carroll himself would applaud.

Enter the dining room, where sombre lighting and the glow of candles adds warmth to the adornments across the length of the stained oak dining table. Stretched upon of the of upright chairs at the head of the table sits a young woman, her gown falling across the length of the chair and stretching upon the carpeted floor. The ample baskets of fruit, dotted amongst slender form of the candle sticks seem to complement the purple hue of her lips, curved upwards in a canny smile. The violet hue lends itself to the train of her dress, comprised of a gossamer substance that falls slightly from her waist to meet floral touch of her stilettos.

A dapper gentleman stands by the fireplace, his deep navy suit an attractive contrast when juxtaposed to his softly clad bride-to-be sitting complacently at his left. He exudes a cavalier dignity; enhanced by the rigidity of the paneled walls, lending structure to the scene. Only the small floral adornment snuggly pinned to the right of his pocket serves the purpose of softening his frame and complementing the whimsical adornments spread about him.

Each room seems to mold itself to the scene set within it. Move towards the billiard room where deeply stained cherry oak floors make for the ideal template for the lavish white cloth spread across a stoud corner table adorned with a whimsically constructed wedding cake. Flair is essential for the Victorian era theme, and this scene is without lack of it. When considering the mystic, florals are never redundant. Throughout the venue one can find every shape, size and hue of the perennial. The models themselves are no longer people, they are merely adornments to the botanical garden that has eclipsed the estate. No where is this better exemplified than on the grounds itself.

Enter the garden, or, in other appropriate terms, the setting of a Beatrix Potter pastoral scene. The wired gates loom above the wall of hedges that, upon opening, leads the way to the mystic itself. Here the sombre cloak of the twisting trees only acts by illuminating the pale pink hues of the woman standing amidst them. Her dutiful companion stands beside her, lending form to the image. Perhaps the scene may not have been perceived as such if it were not for the trained eye of the photographer.

To render a scene that exemplifies the Victorian mystic, is to have a keen eye for the intricacies of the period itself. The subtle hues that are so deftly applied to each frame resurrects the figures of this era, making this shoot nothing less than pure magic, personified.

Credit for this fabulous shoot goes to the following team:

Location: Hockwold Hall

Photographer: Peter Denness

Dress: Lara B Couture

Hair and Make up: Boe Wright

Flowers: Tolly Considine

Styling: Elizabeth Hall

Stationery: Wonderland Invites

Cake: Yellow Butterfly Cake Designs

Mens Wear: Goldings Mens hire

Parasol: Umbrella Heaven

Vintage Props: Dolly's Vintage Tea Party

Amethyst ring : Lara’s own

Models: Bride - Jessica Garland

Groom - Joshua Peck