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Love Local, Love Your Village Hall

Photo credit: Boomting Bunting at Jimmy's Farm

What is not to love about a village hall wedding? They are intimate, easy on the pocket and carry with them a sense of nostalgia.

Having held our pop up event at Hollowtrees farm, we met a lot of older married couples who shared with us their romantic stories of marriage celebrations taking place in a village hall. And it struck us: why are village hall weddings not in vogue anymore? Why does the option not even make it to the table? On our recent jaunt around local village halls, the average booking came in at about three weddings a year. Perhaps village halls carry with them too many stereotypes of fusty old furniture, uninspiring décor and mainly an elderly population?

Photo credit: Pinterest

Regardless, to us, a village hall wedding makes sense. And, in this day and age, when so much money is spent on decorating venues and theming even the most gorgeous hotel, tipi or marquee – why not save a load of money on venue hire and spend a little more on venue décor – at the end of the day, the savings are huge – and we are talking thousands, not hundreds!

Yes, there are some draw backs, we are not going to lie – if you go for a village hall wedding, then be prepared to invest some time and labour, but these are often pre-requisites of wedding planning regardless of location or venue choice.

Photo credit: Pinterest

So, here’s our low down on village hall weddings – and why your local village hall should definitely be on your list of venues to visit:

BLANK CANVASS - with a village hall, you can create your wedding your way and let your imagination run wild. Today mobile catering vans, venue décor and prop hire teams are a plenty – if you want to be original and unique and create a wedding totally from scratch that reflects you as a couple – this is your best way of doing it.

FLEXIBILITY – unlike more upmarket venues, the village hall does not come with endless rules and regulations, or packages you need to adhere to – we found every hall manager we met to be flexible and happy to work with the couple. Yes, there are the normal health and safety regs to follow and, no, they don’t want you drilling into the walls, but you are not bound by any ridiculous contracts or small print with village hall hire.

Photo credit: Pinterest

CHEAP – the average cost of hiring a village hall comes in at about £300 for three day hire! Enough said.

GREAT FACILITIES – toilets, bar, lounge area, play parks, kitchens – all are included in your hire package – you pay for the hall and you get the lot – no sneaky add ons here!

AMPLE SPACE AND LAND – most village halls come with land for marquees, gazeebos, outside catering vans etc and often accommodate up to 200 guests!

FREE CAR PARKING – they also come with ample car parking – remember, village halls were built to hold and host community events, so they cater easily for big celebrations.

FRIENDLY EXTRAS - along with your venue hire comes a village hall manager – they are fountains of knowledge and have loads of expertise and advice to share with the couples they work with; you are not dealing with a corporate company, but a local friendly personal team who want to help you create your perfect day

NOSTALGIC – no doubt about it, there is something very romantic about a village hall wedding – harking back to 1940’s Britain, celebrating marriage with family and friends and keeping that community spirit alive.

So what have you got to lose? Give your local village hall manager a call and go take a look and see what’s on offer.

... For further Village Hall inspiration, visit Boomting Bunting and/or Starry Eyed Weddings - they are THE local teams to call in if you decide to go for a Village Hall wedding - they will transform your venue with fresh, innovative, romantic and colourful design - best of all, they are AFFORDABLE :)